As a seasoned, professional photographer, working as a freelancer, photojournalist, studio owner, and corporate photographer, I’ve developed proficiency in portraiture, photojournalism, and commercial photography with a reputation for working quickly to produce highly creative photography, something greatly appreciated by the many time conscious corporate officers, politicians, and attorneys I photographed during my tenure as Chief Photographer at the
Boston Business Journal, as well as other clients.
My work has appeared in The Professional Photographer, Studio Photography, Travel Holiday, Yankee Publishing, Business Digest, Time, Woman’s World, Macmillan Publishing, Reader’s Digest Books, Eastman Kodak and on CBS, CNN, PBS, plus numerous trade publications.
I hold both the Photographic Craftsman Degree for service to the profession and the Master of Photography Degree for achievement in the profession as awarded by the Professional Photographers of America. 
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    Calling is always the best way to reach me quickly, but here's my e-mail: wmarc@wmarc.com