Images created with the iPhone camera and the app ToonPAINT. Reminiscent of woodcuts, I have created the word, "photoxylography". Photo is from the Greek phos for light, xylo indicates wood and graph means drawing. Xylography by itself is the process of printing either text or illustrations with woodblocks, separate from typography.

While this started as just another fun app to use, it soon became a process to demonstrate how knowing both the limits and capabilities of a tool as simple as the iPhone can create artistic images.

300 Years On State StreetArlington Street Church FenceAmerican John DeereBoston Garden GateBack Deck Morning GloryBeacon & BrooklineConnecticut Farm TruckCharles River GeeseCommonwealth BooksContemplation ChairFireman TributeFirst Winter StrollFrost's Writing TableGaston's PerspectiveGroton MailboxesGroton Country RoadHarry's Cheese & ColdcutsHaymarket MarketplaceHolland Street Door DetailI Never Said HelloIn Memory of EmilliaIncluding the Kitchen SinkIn the GardenJoseph's ProtectionLondonderry PumpMary Ann's DinerMorning At Mike'sNonnie's DresserQuisett Harbor DinghiesRetiredSeminar SunflowersShe Saves SeashellsSo, Did You Like the Movie?Somerville SidewalkStone AngelStuart StreetStudy In Red White & BlueTake A Ride On the ReadingTaking A Stand At LunchThe FenwayTea & TulipsThe ConversationThey Know FredWatching Over CharlesWhere Welles Would EatWinter On the CommonsWilton Grazers